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ildianna [userpic]
nice to meet ya!
by ildianna (ildianna)
at October 3rd, 2009 (04:47 pm)

hi, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to post this here but whatever! XD Nice to meet you all!

Name: Ildi
Age: 23
How many children?: ....I have a cat and piggy
Their ages?: not sure
Interests: card-making, scrapbooking, digital stamp designing, music, photography, music, travel, writing, knitting scarves, sewing, fashion design, costumes
Anything else?: I am the designer of 'Ildi Co.' so please visit my online shop if you are interested into digi-stamps!

so here's the fruit of my labour!...I'm actually pretty happy with it. Usually my cards turn into a mess of everything! D: it turns out abstract or collage style. Well this one is pretty good! yay! (~ _ ^)x
Cuddles Kuma witch, ended up coloring it with markers(Creative Memories) after all...didn't bleed too much so hooray for that! The orange design paper under Cuddles was from the 'Asian Miyabi' set (CM as well). Since I added pink/green to the stamp, I decided to decorate the top and bottom with 'candyholic' deco tape! ^ ^ i love throwing that on random places like envelopes, gift wrap, blah blah. Sorry to say that I found it in Japan so I'm not sure if its available anywhere here....(i might pick up more on my next trip! ya!) Corner-cutter design with 'FISKARS' tool and lastly silver border around Cuddles and background (might show up as white on photo) with 'Pen-touch' by 'Sakura' (also japanese but available in craft stores in N.America!)

Fathom_this [userpic]
The last of the kinds of slings is done
by Fathom_this (fathom_this)
at October 10th, 2006 (04:12 pm)

there's plenty more of this material left for slings (of any kind) baby/momma clothes nursing/maternity, and baby room accessories
Adjustable non ring slingCollapse )
There are lots of ways to wear this.. and some of them can be found by going Here

TIA for the comments, and/or requests :)

Jessica [userpic]
Welcome :)
by Jessica (mommajetka)
at June 7th, 2006 (07:56 pm)

Thank you for joining Mommy Crafts! I hope to get to know all of you soon. Please fill out the survey on the community info page if you haven't already. :)

Name: Jessica
Age: 20
How many children?: 1 on the way.
Their ages?: N/A
Interests: Scrapbooking, Baby Announcements, Card Making, Crocheting and Painting.
Anything else?: I have always wanted a community for Mothers who craft for their children...and now there is one. I really hope that this community grows into something wonderful!

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